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Affordable Healthcare For All

I have fought for human rights all my life, and I believe that affordable health care is a basic right of all Americans. Our economy also depends on people being able to move from one job to another, to start new businesses, and to return to school without having to worry about losing coverage for themselves and their families.

Instead of working to improve access to health care, in his nine years in Congress Leonard Lance voted over 60 times to to strip people of their health care coverage. He then voted in Committee for the cruel Republican health care plan, which would block people with pre-existing conditions from getting insurance, raise premiums for working families, and would lead to 500,000 people in New Jersey losing health insurance. The Republican health bill would also have meant massive cuts to our response to the opioid epidemic.

We need a representative who will fight consistently to strengthen our health care system and get us to affordable, universal coverage. If elected, I will:

  • Fight to pass legislation to ensure we preserve protections for preexisting conditions and the government meets its obligations under the ACA, so that our insurance rates don’t skyrocket, and insist that Trump meet his constitutional duty to faithfully execute the health care law.
  • Work to enable Medicare to negotiate fair drug prices.
  • Support adding a public option to the ACA, so consumers have more choices and competition keeps costs down.
  • Defend the ACA mandate for contraceptive coverage and funding for women’s health, which upholds the dignity and equality of all Americans, and has contributed to a historic decline in teen birth rates.

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