Values and Priorities

Better Jobs and a Fair Deal for New Jersey

With our great education system and strategic location, New Jersey has huge economic advantages.   Yet our state’s economy is underperforming the rest of the country.  And our country’s economy is not adapting fast enough to meet the demands of the future.  If elected, I will:

  • Work to repeal the Republican tax bill, and replace it with tax reform that simplifies and lowers rates for everyone, that cuts special interest loopholes rather than deductions that help the middle class, and that doesn’t explode our national debt. A great New Jersey Senator, Bill Bradley, worked with Ronald Reagan to pass that kind of tax reform 30 years ago, and we can do it again.
  • Support programs that prepare and connect our workforce to the jobs of the digital age. Unlike Congressman Lance, I’ll oppose any budget proposal from Donald Trump that cuts job training, apprenticeship and community college programs to pay for tax cuts for a tiny percentage of Americans.

  • Fight for funding for the roads, tunnels and bridges that we need in New Jersey, instead of wasting it on boondoggles like Trump’s border wall.
  • Defend the dignity of working Americans, including through a higher minimum wage and preserving rules that protect overtime pay.

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