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We’re so exhausted by Trump’s tweets and the daily crises he’s causing that it’s hard to focus on the economic and moral dilemmas new technologies are creating.  What will our lives be like in a future of self-driving cars, drones, automation in the work place, and artificial intelligence?  In the Obama administration, I helped strengthen privacy protections for Americans online, and started a debate about whether we should let autonomous robots take lives on the battlefield. There are many more questions that Congress should start addressing, including:

  • Following scandals like Equifax losing our personal information, how do we give Americans more control over their data (instead of letting big companies collect and sell even more of it, as Leonard Lance has voted to do)?

  • Should there be limits on artificial intelligence and when it can replace people – in business, in spreading information, in warfare?

  • How do we stay one America if we get most of our news from social media, and it tells us only what we want to hear? What responsibilities do the big tech companies have to protect our privacy and our democracy?

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