Values and Priorities

Protecting Our National Security

I’ve spent much of my career working in the State Department and the National Security Council to keep America strong, safe, and respected.  If elected, I will remain a strong voice for principled American leadership around the world.  I will:

  • Insist we keep our commitments to NATO and maintain sanctions on Russia until it stops its aggression in Ukraine.

  • Support strict enforcement of the Iran nuclear deal and working with our allies to strengthen it; tearing it up would simply isolate us and benefit Iran.

  • Urge deterrence, sanctions and diplomacy to counter North Korea, and make sure we keep funding an effort that I ran at the State Department to spread information to the North Korean people – instead of making reckless threats that could trigger an unnecessary war.

  • Work to keep America a force for good in the world, aligned with countries that share our belief in human rights, not with the dictators Trump prefers.

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