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Protecting the Environment

I want to preserve the natural beauty of our state for the hikers, fishers, hunters and tourists who cherish it, and to keep our air, water and soil safe and clean.  I also believe that our economic future depends on clean energy.  Congressman Lance has joined Tea Party Republicans to allow coal companies to dump waste in our rivers and streams and oil companies to pollute our atmosphere, while opposing sensible safeguards against climate change.  That’s bad for our health, and for our economy, as China races to overtake us in electric cars and solar power.  If elected, I will:

  • Support policies that protect our air and water, and incentivize the green technologies on which our future jobs depend.

  • Fight climate change rather than denying it, and encourage the federal government to work with states to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

  • Insist that our government make environmental decisions based on hard science and economic facts, not ideology. 
  • Fight to stop the PennEast Pipeline, and require the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to get more public input before approving pipeline projects and measure environmental impact in a more rigorous way.



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