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Supporting Women’s Rights

Policies and practices that deny women full equality and dignity are not only wrong -- they are the source of much of the world’s economic and security problems. Where women enjoy equal respect and opportunity to lead, everyone is better off.

During my time at Human Rights Watch and in the State Department I consistently advocated for women’s rights -- insisting that women be included in the peace process in Afghanistan, opposing oppressive gender discrimination in Saudi Arabia, and funding women led organizations in Syria that stood up to extremists.

Yet despite all the advances we think we’ve made in America, I have heard countless stories over the years of women who have been held back, harassed, and assaulted by people in positions of power. Meanwhile, in Congress itself the policies to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace are completely inadequate.  If elected, I will:

  • Fight for Planned Parenthood and the continuation of its crucial services in New Jersey and around the country, while vigorously opposing policies that restrict women’s access to contraceptives and abortive care.

  • Set a new, zero-tolerance standard in Congress for dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace. Congress must lead by example, and its current policies fall embarrassingly short.

  • Defend Title IX to ensure that all women have every opportunity to succeed academically.

  • Fight for equal pay for equal work and paid family leave. Having a child should not imperil a woman's standing at work or her ability to provide for her family.

  • Stand with survivors of sexual violence and reform our criminal justice system to better serve victims of rape and sexual assault - including the women in our military.



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